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2004.10.15 Friday

The Beginning

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Well, this is my first blog ever and I don’t know what to say….

I’m using WordPress because it seemed the best one for me. It actually installed fine (after I got the right database and user name with prefixes), but I couldn’t log in. The log in screen had errors on it and when I tried logging in it came up with this: Error: Password field is empty So, I deleted the database and re-istalled (very quick proces by the way). The same error came up, so I headed over to the support forums and quickly found the answer. :)

For the last hour or so, I’ve been looking through and setting up all the cool options and realizing that I have a lot to learn about blogging. I had no idea blogging was so sophisticated. With time though, I’ll be oozing out ideas with no thought to all the complicated options…. I just learned about TrackBack for instance after wondering what the heck it did.

Back to my original point about not knowing what to say…. It’s kind of easy and sort of soothing to just write and not worry about some profound topic. It’s a lot easier than trying to update my website or send out a newsletter (which I should do soon). Those things take so much preparation and thought whereas this blog is made for me to just go on and share my thoughts with myself and whoever may have stumbled across this site. I should also say here that I don’t plan to update this blog with any sort of frequency or attempt to do anything specific with it. I’ll update it when I feel like it and talk about what I want (ahh…so freeing).

Well, I think I’m going to head off and try messing with the template.


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