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2004.10.16 Saturday

Starbucks and Network Cards

Filed under: Obsessions — Mr. Green @ 2.59 pm

I’m sitting here at Starbucks because we have no internet connection at home. There isn’t a good enough signal at our apartment’s business center to connect and hardly one here. This Motorola® Network Card (WN825G) I have was $10.00 cheaper than the others at Wal-Mart®, which is why I bought it. I’m beginning to suspect, though, that it is functioning at a rate much less than my $10.00 savings warrants. So, I’ll be changing it out soon and paying the extra money.

On the bright side, since I have to buy something to sit here, I am enjoying a wonderful ChocofinoTM (the expresso of hot chocolate) :D I’m not a coffee drinker, but love chocolate, so this is a great drink to have! I was never fond of Starbucks and here I am advertising for them :) Of course, that was before I knew about Chocofino.

I’m tired of trying to figure out what the proper way to notate all these Trademarks and parts of them. If anyone finds a site that makes this easier, please let me know by submitting a comment.


  1. Well, I tested the card out at my parents’ house and it actually seems to work better than their Linksys cards. Go figure. I guess I’ll probably keep it for now, but want to do more testing.

    Comment by Mr. Green — 2004.10.18 Monday @ 9.17 am

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