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2004.11.8 Monday

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 - Tomorrow!

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Computerworld Interviews Ben Goodger in Preparation for Mozilla Firefox 1.0 - MozillaZine Talkback

I’m excited about the official 1.0 release of Firefox tomorrow, 9 November! I am using the 1.0 Preview Release with great success, but look forward to a public ready release that’s polished up.

I should probably post here the answer to the question I often get from family: “Why Mozilla?” For many people it semms the answer to this is security. While security is important for me, I don’t know much about it and it is not the reason I switched to Mozilla (and Firefox) or really my primary concern (though maybe it should be). Is switched because it is much more functional to me in the following ways:

  • Tabbed browsing!
    • This makes the desktop much more clean as I have many applications open and am researching some particular product and/or looking up help on some code I’m working on.
  • You can add extensions to customize your browsing experience
    • The most important exstension to me is Tabbrowser Extensions which I don’t know that I can live without now as it offers almost complete customization to tabbed browsing.
    • Web Developer Toolbar is quite helpful for web design
    • I can sychronize bookmarks at work and home
    • Scribe allows me to actually save form data! No more timing out and losing everything.
    • There are many more great extensions for all kinds of functions that are freely available at!
  • It’s Open Source so you can edit everything! A lot of things I can actually do without spending a lot of time.

With Firefox I can take charge of browsing, which takes up a lot of my time, and not just float around on the surf. I don’t have to deal with the internet in the way that some big company wants me to, but can really “take back the web” with functionality.

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  1. Trust Firefox?
    I noticed this article on Firefox Security at MozillaZine:

    A Microsoft Program Manager by the name of Peter Torr has posted a weblog entry about potential problems with security in Mozilla Firefox. Specifically, he singles out the fact that neither …

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