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2005.1.12 Wednesday

New Blog Home

Filed under: Blog Publishing — Mr. Green @ 11.40 am

I have a new domain that I bought as a birthday present to myself (actually, I realized it was for my birthday after I bought it). It’s now if you haven’t noticed already. Amazingly, everything worked without a problem after I figured out what cPanel wanted. The old location can still be accessed, but all the links point to the new one. How’s that for not knowing what I’m doing?


  1. Fun, fun!

    My own domain name was my Christmas present a year ago. What a romantic hubby. *grin* He’s not even a tech geek!

    Comment by TulipGirl — 2005.1.14 Friday @ 11.17 am

  2. It is fun…and romantic. My wife came up with a great user name a while back based on her name and her love for Eeyore: Jamieeyore. So I bought her, which she hasn’t really done anything with. She did think it was pretty romantic. :)

    Comment by Mr. Green — 2005.1.14 Friday @ 11.43 am

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