The Naked Green

2005.2.15 Tuesday

The Naked Orchestra

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The Naked Orchestra:

Do you know what it’s like to be able to see through someone? To see them naked in a sense, not in the sense of having no clothes and of seeing their naked body, but in a much deeper sense as if you can see right inside their flesh, the movement of their soul, the ebb and flow, the light and shade of their inner self.

It’s a sad story, but any author that can use the word naked so many times and not once hint at sex has got something to say as far as I’m concerned. He would understand “The Naked Green” perhaps. He talks of it, actually, which is how I found his sad story:

Now, there’s talent, there’s originality! Not a fiddle player anywhere to be seen on the naked green

It reminds me of the movie, Kolya.

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