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2005.2.21 Monday

Don’t Forget with XHTML

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I added downloadable sermons to Life Spring’s website today and polished the site up a bit. One thing I had to ask myself was, “Why are you using HTML?” So, I switched over to XHTML 1.0 Strict which was not all that difficult.

In XHTML, you have to close all tags. So, I went through and replaced <br> with <br /> and did the same (manually) with the image tags.

Remember that all html tags have to be in lowercase when coding in XHTML due to the fact that XML is case sensitive. When I uploaded my pages, all the text was big and when I validated, I found the culprits. For some reason I had two meta tags that were capitalized.

As usual, Thanks to W3Schools for their XHTML tutorial!

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