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2005.2.21 Monday

New Blog with WordPress 1.5

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I’m a little late, but I noticed yesterday that WordPress 1.5 has been officially released. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to update my blog for a little while. There is a new blogger in the blogosphere since yesterday running 1.5, though. Jamie and I gave my brother his own domain, blog and hosting yesterday for his birthday. It’s at where there is sure to be some great witty humor and profound thoughts to come.

In setting up his blog, I got to play around with the new WordPress some and it is cool. It will take some getting used to as a lot has changed. I would say much of the change is for the better with brand new goodies such as Themes, SPAM spam and comment controls, a user system, a “dashboard”, static pages and better plugin support. I was surprised that the installation was actually easier and smaller than 1.2! Is that even possible?

I was sold on WordPress from my first research spree and have not found anything that’s more appealing since. It just got better and I’m excited to download it and play! Good programming like this is what makes it hard to stay on task…which is what I’ll try to do now.

Have fun playing with your new toy, Stephen!

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  1. You know, WP 1.5, although it looks like it’s kinda tough to figure out, is actually more painful than trying to swallow a handfull of nails. But after about 18 hours and 14 screaming fits, it starts to get pretty user-friendly. So if you’re trudging through the php nightmare, keep it up… it does get easier.

    Oh, and Mr. Green… when are you gonna switch you and QueenGreen over to 1.5? I’m very excited about stealing programming ideas from her site and using them on mine (namely the transparent columns and stationary background). :P

    Have fun,

    Comment by Stevish — 2005.2.23 Wednesday @ 12.32 am

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