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2005.5.12 Thursday

Nomads Again

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We just found out that our “approved” loan has been denied on this, the night before our closing. How that happens, I don’t know, but the why is apparently because we were doing our DTS, not working. The broker Home American Mortgage was working with required two years of steady work for the loan in question.

There are still some options to get into this house, but they probably won’t be as good and they definitely won’t be done tomorrow. Unfortunately, we already broke our lease on our apartment and are supposed to be out on the 18th. It looks like we’ll be moving back to the parents’ house for a bit.

I believe God has a plan in all this and I believe it’s a good one. I just have no idea what it is. We’re open to anything, but the disappointment is certainly there. I guess it wasn’t exciting enough.


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