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2008.5.1 Thursday

Themed Login Page Built-In

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It looks like the excellent Themed Login plugin by James Kelly will no longer be needed (in its present form)! It essentially overwrites wp-login.php with custom php which means lots of hacking to make modifications to any login and registration functions. I’ve looked for workarounds, but have run up against the wall of having to hack the files themselves or overwrite them, which is almost as bad.

David Still (stealthdave) has come up with a solution and opened up a Trac entry on to add hooks to wp-login.php! As of right now, it’s scheduled to officially be added to the wordpress core files in version 2.6! I can’t wait to start testing it and here I am blogging about it already. I’m excited by strange things ’tis true!


  1. Couple of corrections: David Still is stealthdave; Viper007Bond opened the ticket, I created the patch. :) Second, I don’t know how “official” this patch is scheduled. It was previously scheduled for the 2.5 release, so I don’t even know if anyone from the WP dev team is seriously considering it. But it sure would be nice!

    Comment by Stealth Dave — 2008.5.1 Thursday @ 5.03 pm

  2. Wow, it took me a long time to approve that comment! I had almost 300 comments that Akismet took care of shortly.

    Thanks for the update, Dave, I will now finally make the correction.

    Comment by Mr. Green — 2008.10.24 Friday @ 12.49 pm

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