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2005.5.18 Wednesday

God Owns the Money

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Jamie and I attended a rush loan appointment with People’s Mortgage today. Justen, the loan officer has been working hard for us since we first started looking for a home and we’re happy that we may be giving him business after all. We found out from him yesterday that after talking with his underwriters, he has approved us for an FHA loan with CHFA. This means a lower interest rate (probably 5.625%) and less closing costs! Evidently, Richmond has also agreed to pay the $3,000 incentive if People’s can get us into an FHA loan. People’s closing costs are less, meaning even more savings. We can see God’s hand of blessing in this apparent loan mess!

Background: We decided to try Richmond’s lender because it was the only way to get their incentive. Right away I was not comfortable with our loan officer there, but decided to see it through. Two loans that would be “no problem” to get approved on have been denied and we’re now past our closing date. I must say that Richmond has been great in working with us over all and our loan officer there really did work hard. We are excited to have this great opportunity with People’s, though and are hoping it will pan out.

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