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2008.5.1 Thursday

Themed Login Page Built-In

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It looks like the excellent Themed Login plugin by James Kelly will no longer be needed (in its present form)! It essentially overwrites wp-login.php with custom php which means lots of hacking to make modifications to any login and registration functions. I’ve looked for workarounds, but have run up against the wall of having to hack the files themselves or overwrite them, which is almost as bad.

David Still (stealthdave) has come up with a solution and opened up a Trac entry on to add hooks to wp-login.php! As of right now, it’s scheduled to officially be added to the wordpress core files in version 2.6! I can’t wait to start testing it and here I am blogging about it already. I’m excited by strange things ’tis true!

2005.5.10 Tuesday

Multiple Permalink Structures

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I just found out that it is possible to create multiple “Permalink Structures” in WordPress! This is great if you want to change the structure (i.e. /2005/05/10/multiple-permalink-structures.html), but already have people linking to your articles using the old structure (i.e. /archives/2005/05/10/129/). It’s also good if you have an existing site with a certain structure you want to match as well as making a new custom structure. Here’s how I did it:

2005.5.9 Monday

Upgrading The Green

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I finally upgraded to Wordpress 1.5 with little trouble! It didn’t take long to get it running and move my theme over. It’s strange to see the same old blog staring at me from a whole new backend.

Wouldn’t you know it? The day I decide to upgrade, Wordpress 1.5.1 comes out! Two upgrades in one night, that’s pretty good!

I’ll need to add plugins and probably tweak the design a little, but for now I’m up and running again in style.

Update 2005.05.10: Podz has started a support forum post to help people upgrade from 1.5 to 1.5.1.

2005.2.21 Monday

New Blog with WordPress 1.5

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I’m a little late, but I noticed yesterday that WordPress 1.5 has been officially released. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to update my blog for a little while. There is a new blogger in the blogosphere since yesterday running 1.5, though. Jamie and I gave my brother his own domain, blog and hosting yesterday for his birthday. It’s at where there is sure to be some great witty humor and profound thoughts to come.

In setting up his blog, I got to play around with the new WordPress some and it is cool. It will take some getting used to as a lot has changed. I would say much of the change is for the better with brand new goodies such as Themes, SPAM spam and comment controls, a user system, a “dashboard”, static pages and better plugin support. I was surprised that the installation was actually easier and smaller than 1.2! Is that even possible?

I was sold on WordPress from my first research spree and have not found anything that’s more appealing since. It just got better and I’m excited to download it and play! Good programming like this is what makes it hard to stay on task…which is what I’ll try to do now.

Have fun playing with your new toy, Stephen!

2005.2.3 Thursday

Trackback SPAM

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I’ve pretty much solved the comment SPAM and now I’m getting hit with tons of trackbacks. It’s not that I don’t like poker, but come on!

I have now implemented MtDewVirus’s Trackback and Pingback Moderation plugins. This means that if you trackback, it WILL go into moderation until I approve it. This is annoying and unfortunate, but necessary until I can find something better.

Apparently, much of the trackback SPAM has turned into DOS attacks, so I am also using Burningbird’s Throttle Hack.

MeanDean has a good post about this issue at the Heal Your Church Web Site. It discusses ways to use the .htaccess file to combat the SPAM. That’s something I may look into in more depth later.

Thanks to the WordPress Support Forums for the help on stopping the nasty trackback SPAM!

2005.1.27 Thursday

Just Icca

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Jessica, my sister also has a brand new blog,! She just wrote her first post yesterday to keep up with her big sister. :) It looks like they both had quite the adventure geocaching in the Michigan snow. Not only is she my sister (in-law), but she also writes a great story!

Have fun writing and keep the stories coming The Icc!

2005.1.26 Wednesday

Queen Green

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My beautiful wife, Jamie is up and blogging at! She just made her first blog post ever and I’m so proud!

I’m excited to see her blogging because she is a good writer, has a lot of wisdom and great thoughts on all kinds of things. Now you don’t have to read her inspirational ideas second hand! That’s right, she’s my inspiration and the queen of my heart. Watch her words closely, but remember, she’s mine!

Love to the wife!

2005.1.19 Wednesday

SPAMing for fun?

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What I want to know is what is up with all the blank SPAM I’ve been receiving? I guess I can’t even call it SPAM, because there isn’t a link to be found. They are all (probably the same one) commenting as “Anonymous” and have only left their email address which is not visible to the public. The only thing that resembles SPAM is their short, cryptic messages, designed to possibly fit the content. Of course they haven’t yet fit the content, so they’re obviously not really commenting. I’ve deleted all of them, but the best one.

So, What’ the deal? Is this some sort of software gone bad, like in The Matrix, some renegade program spewing random feel-good messages with no company to support them? Whatever it is, it’s sad. Thinking of it makes me wonder where that leaves me as a blogger of misguided SPAM sadness….

Update 2004.01.20: As much fun as deleting comments is, I have taken steps to stop all this madness. Let me know if you have any trouble with the new system (it may take a little while for your comment to appear). You can also email me (Philip) if you like.

2005.1.12 Wednesday

New Blog Home

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I have a new domain that I bought as a birthday present to myself (actually, I realized it was for my birthday after I bought it). It’s now if you haven’t noticed already. Amazingly, everything worked without a problem after I figured out what cPanel wanted. The old location can still be accessed, but all the links point to the new one. How’s that for not knowing what I’m doing?

2004.12.1 Wednesday

It’s a journal, right?

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Today, I was trying to find a site that shows real-time blog traffic. Noticing that many of the blogs I follow were all writing today (many with several posts) and that I felt in a particularly fanciful writing mood, I thought maybe the muses were out in “Blogdom”. (more…)

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