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2008.10.24 Friday

Flash Uploader not working with Flash 10

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We were having problems where the uploader in our Vidavee plugin wouldn’t do anything. I noticed that the Flash uploader for Wordpress was also broken, so I searched on that.

Flash 10 causes the Flash uploader in Wordpress to break, so you have to downgrade to Flash 9 or use an open source flash option, that I haven’t looked into yet.

What I did:

  1. Downloaded Flash 9
  2. Downloaded Flash unistaller
  3. Ran uninstaller
  4. Reboot computer
  5. Installed flashplayer9r124_win.exe from the zip file above

There is also a quick fix for Wordpress for those like Stephen.

Hope that helps someone!

2008.2.19 Tuesday

Rail Baron Variations

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My brother, Stevish and I have been thinking of rule variations for a fun, nostalgic and historical game called Rail Baron. It tends to be too long and some random chance and lack of close competition makes the end of the game more of a relief than a good time with family and friends. So, we’ve decided to change that and, so far, have only come up with multiplying all payoffs by 1.5 (My Dad’s suggestion). I like some of the variations I found on the internet, though and thought I’d list some below for my brother and others to peruse.

Stevish also just made a new improved and secure Rail Baron destinator php script to save lots of time getting destinations and payoffs. It’s available for anyone to use, so check it out!’s Rail Baron FAQ has some good common sense answers to rule questions, but some differ from supposed Tournament rulings at the Train Gamers Association website


2007.6.16 Saturday

More Green on Your Screen

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Are you anxious, depressed, tired of coming here and not getting the green you got in the past? Wondering where to find answers, meaning and pictures? Follow The Green Wire…. It may not be a mystical experience, but it will have more info, poems, stories and yes, pictures of Philip and Jamie. It may even get mystical some times…try it, you’ll get the green you’re looking for (for your screen, not your pocket).

That’s right, today is your lucky day! So why are you still reading this? Go to Philip and Jamie’s blog now. You’ll see the same erratic craziness and web design commentary you’re used to here, but now you’ll also receive Jamie’s wit, prose and get to see some color too (did I mention there are pictures?).

I’ll leave this blog here and may post from time to time, but don’t count on it.

2007.3.3 Saturday

Jury Duty

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My wife wrote a short story on her first jury duty experience:

It all started on a cold and blustery Thursday morning. The night before there had been a sudden, but fierce snowstorm which had made a mess of the streets in the sprawled out city of Colorado Springs. So bad that there were accidents all over town wrecking havoc on the morning commute.

Mrs. Jamie Mayor was due to be at the courthouse at 8:30am sharp to serve her civic duty as a potential Jury member. With her summons in hand and a small map to the courthouse with the roads she was to take to get there so lovingly highlighted in pink by her husband the night before, she grabbed her keys and settled into the driver’s seat of her 1995 Oldsmobile. Unfortunately, the morning had somehow slipped into fast forward and Jamie was late before she even put the key into the ignition. Cursing herself for not getting up earlier, she rolled down the driveway and into the muck, blissfully unaware of the dangers and traffic congestion that awaited her.

Taking her normal route to the interstate, it wasn’t long before Jamie realized that something was terribly wrong. A mile before the interstate entrance ramp, there began a string of immobile cars lined up like ants at a picnic. The frustrated drivers inside appeared to be focusing all their energy on mentally willing the cars in front of them to magically begin moving, or simply to disappear.

Glancing down at the digital clock on her dashboard, Jamie woefully closed her eyes and fought to keep the tension in her head from building to a boil. 8:15am. No way was she going to make it on time if she had to sit here all morning. Thinking furiously through her options, she snapped her right blinker on and maneuvered her car onto a side street silently hoping to use her knowledge of back streets to gain an advantage over her fellow commuters.


2005.3.16 Wednesday

Green Cite: Dezire

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I have not died, nor have I forgotten to bestow upon some poor unsuspecting soul the glorious Green Cite award.

We have come to the paragraph where I ramble on about random things to make it look like it has content and to bother the reader. Hey, it’s not like you can’t skip these sentences if you’re in that much of a hurry to find out the winner, but you’ll never know what you may have missed. Actually, if you’ve read up to this point, you haven’t missed much. So, with no effort at transition, the winner: Green Dezire “the personal blog of Andy Kettle, a web designer and developer from Worcester in the UK”! His love of green extends all the way into his eyes! With all the web design I’ve been involved in, I figured I would pick on a colleague. Congratulations on winning the award you never knew you wanted, Andy!

Brought to you by Mr. Green. All contestants will receive “really cool points” just for qualifying. Stay tuned for more wonderful greenery right here on The Naked Green.

2005.3.1 Tuesday

Typing Methodology

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There’s an interesting discussion going on over at SimpleBits about typing. Hunt and peck vs. ten finger and then there’s the hybrids. I don’t feel so bad after seeing so many people that don’t type “properly”.

2004.12.23 Thursday

The Love Box

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Why is that so many people seem intent on putting God in our Love Box: God is Love, therefore He behaves in a certain predictable manner based on my definition of love. Now don’t think I’m going esoteric and relativistic on you, because that is what many are doing who are using this model. The Love Box seems to constantly be used to justify some sin: “God just wants me to be happy (because He loves me), so I can cheat on my wife”, “God is Love so He wouldn’t judge me for [enter sin here].” What makes us think that a loving God cannot have moral absolutes? Like the highway engineer who tells his three year old, “I love you, so I’m going to let you follow your curious nature and walk out onto the highway because hey, you were made that way.” No, God designed us and the world we live in with certain rules (albeit, rules twisted by sin) and in love he says, “No, that’s not the way it works and I’m going to discipline you to bring you into line with my will for you.”

My wife made a brilliant point last night. I had said that “I don’t know how to love her” and she was hurt by that and confronted me. She said, “What makes you think you have to understand love to give it?”. She told me that I do indeed love her and she can feel it. [I love her for her insight and passionate love.] I thought I had a good understanding of love before I was married, but I have learned that that is so much more. Now it’s not as easy to “do” love or to quantify and specify it, but that doesn’t negate the fact that love exists. I don’t understand love completely and I’ll go out on a limb by revealing my opinion that most do not. What makes us think then, that we can put God in a box we can’t even define? God IS Love…the definition of it. We don’t get to tell Him how he should behave.

I started thinking about this, in conjunction with Jamie’s thoughts after running across Ben’s blog, He is “Turning away from homosexuality and toward God.” He has received plenty of flak which he discusses. Many of the arguments used rely on The Love Box, in my opinion.

Keep up the good fight, Ben!

2004.12.17 Friday

Holight Day Fun

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Venomous Kate has struck again with this bit of news on lights:

No time to put up your own holiday lights this year? Never fear. You can borrow Alek Komarnitsky’s between the hours of 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. (Mountain time). All you need is a computer and a browser, and then you’re in control of his lights. –more–

The Komarnitskys, called “the Griswolds of our neighborhood” are a family that loves lights. At least Alek does, and he has hooked up his 17,000 lights to a Linux box for the world to control (literally). ” This month alone, more than 1.3 million Internet browsers…have visited the site.” Yesterday, the site received 369,023 requests! - Gleaned from the Yahoo News story: Interactive Christmas Lights an online hit and Alek’s Christmas Lights Webcam page.

This is great and I will have to try it out. It reminds me of sitting in front of someone’s house with my parents and brothers a couple years ago. I’m not the type that likes Christmas lights much, but I can enjoy them when they are tastefully done. Unfortunately, most don’t have a sense of taste, or balance apparently. This house was different: There were tons of lights, but not all on at once. They all faded on and off, making a wonderful show. We ooed and ahhed as the lights around the roof faded from one color to another and gasped as a deer appeared on the front lawn. We must have spent an hour just watching and I don’t remember a repeat in the pattern. I think it must have been controlled by a computer, but not thousands of internet users (it would have been too chaotic). The Komarnitskys’ house is off the hook and I look forward to adding to the chaos!

The Komarnitskys’ site also has links to other wacky stuff with lights like the Texan where you can mess with a table full of lights, turning them on or off. There was also La Bastille, that turned Brown’s fourteen-story Sciences Library in a gigantic Tetris game or Project Blikenlights in Germany.

2004.12.16 Thursday

Cozy Spot

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It’s nice to have your own cozy spot on the WWWeb to sit and pontificate or curl up for a nice read. Too bad I can’t get in there.

I’m going to crawl under my desk now to try and sleep off all that Mag Chloride.

2004.12.2 Thursday

Ukraine pulls my head out…

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I am very interested in this Ukrainian election and protest. It is probably due to wife and I recently returning from doing our DTS, which spent one month in Russia. I loved it there even though it was a difficult and oppressive environment. The Russian people have big hearts and I now have a heart for them.

I have been following reports primarily from Jennifer’s Blog who is and American living and teaching in Western Ukraine. Just today, I followed a link from The Politburo Diktat to The Orange Revolution, an article by Time Magazine.

I have never had much use for news, but this news has brought my usually entrenched head out of the sand as far as political affairs. I have not read enough to even make a semi-intelligent comment, but wanted to state my interest in the matter.

To follow this interest, I have looked up a few blogs from Ukraine in English:

I’m sure there are many more good blogs and websites, but my poor little head is hurting from all this news. After quite a while of searching, I can’t find a blog in support of Yanukovych. So much for being balanced. If you know of any other good links (preferably blogs from Ukrainians), put them in a comment.

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