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2008.10.24 Friday

Flash Uploader not working with Flash 10

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We were having problems where the uploader in our Vidavee plugin wouldn’t do anything. I noticed that the Flash uploader for Wordpress was also broken, so I searched on that.

Flash 10 causes the Flash uploader in Wordpress to break, so you have to downgrade to Flash 9 or use an open source flash option, that I haven’t looked into yet.

What I did:

  1. Downloaded Flash 9
  2. Downloaded Flash unistaller
  3. Ran uninstaller
  4. Reboot computer
  5. Installed flashplayer9r124_win.exe from the zip file above

There is also a quick fix for Wordpress for those like Stephen.

Hope that helps someone!

2008.5.1 Thursday

Themed Login Page Built-In

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It looks like the excellent Themed Login plugin by James Kelly will no longer be needed (in its present form)! It essentially overwrites wp-login.php with custom php which means lots of hacking to make modifications to any login and registration functions. I’ve looked for workarounds, but have run up against the wall of having to hack the files themselves or overwrite them, which is almost as bad.

David Still (stealthdave) has come up with a solution and opened up a Trac entry on to add hooks to wp-login.php! As of right now, it’s scheduled to officially be added to the wordpress core files in version 2.6! I can’t wait to start testing it and here I am blogging about it already. I’m excited by strange things ’tis true!

2008.4.9 Wednesday

CSS Naked Day

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The Naked Green celebrates CSS Naked Day today by stripping this site of all style sheets! The point is that the content should be standards compliant and orderly.

2008.4.1 Tuesday

Making your House a Holmes

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When I first saw the show House, I thought it was strange and abrasive , yet somehow enjoyable. Jamie and I eventually got into the show and watched it whenever we could. I remember telling Jamie one time, “You know who House reminds me of? Sherlock Holmes!”. The more I watched, the parallels became more evident.

My Dad got the first and second seasons of House on DVD on Black Friday (Actually, Ben Romeo and I did, but that’s another story) and I was excited to borrow the first season. I was sure that the special features would talk about how Holmes was an inspiration for this new show, but there was nothing! I figured I would never find out for sure.

The show did get me to break out my trusty book, The Complete Sherlock Holmes given to me by my Grandpa in 1996, and begin reading straight through it starting with the preface by: Christopher Morley and I was amazed when I saw this:

“The character of Holmes, Doyle has told us, was at any rate partly suggested by his student memories of Dr. Joseph Bell of the Edinburgh Infirmary, whose diagnostic intuitions used to startle his patients and pupils. But there was abundant evidence that the invention of the scientific detective conformed to a fundamental logic in Doyle’s own temper.”…”Of his humour, there is a pleasant income-tax story. In his first year of independent medical practice his earnings were 154 pounds, and the income-tax papers arrived he filled it up to show that he was not liable. The authorities returned the form with the words Most Unsatisfactory scrawled across it. He returned it again with the subscription I entirely agree. As many readers must have guessed, Round The Red Lamp and The Stark Munro Letters were very literally drawn from his own experiences in medicine.”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Complete Sherlock Holmes
      Barnes & Noble Inc. 1992

For a while, I was content reading about Sherlock Holmes and watching Dr Gregory House who both had to be related somehow.

The writer’s strike slowed new episodes down, but we were hooked and catching up on all the older episodes on DVD. I then saw the first new episode since the strike, It’s a Wonderful Lie on January 29th. I know now that I was not the only one to catch one of the gifts given to House in that Christmas episode: “A second edition Doyle”! That’s Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! Finally some proof!

I decided then I would have to let the world know on my blog (It’s taken me a while, I’ve been busy). I did have to do some preliminary searching to see if someone else had realized the connection and alas, as with most good ideas, I was too late. I found an interview of David Shore, the creator of House:

Anytime one says “puzzle” and “brilliant deduction” in the same sentence, one can’t help but think of the great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick, Dr. Watson. And indeed, Holmes — and the real-life physician that inspired him, Dr. Joseph Bell — were very much inspirations for “House.”

Shore now has a whole new appreciation for Holmes’ creator. “My heart goes out to the late, great Arthur Conan Doyle. How’d he do that, and make him smart every time?”

Reminded that Doyle was himself a physician (which no doubt helped), Shore sighs. “He actually was.”

Shore also hopes to draw more parallels to Holmes by drawing House’s best, and likely only, friend, oncologist Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), into the Watson role.

“We’re looking for Wilson to step up in that regard, as House’s everyman, leaning over his shoulder and going, ‘How’d you do that?’ And more important, ‘Why’d you do that?’

I also found a page by an even more avid fan than I on Connections Between House and Holmes.

The mystery of the relationship of two brilliantly deductive minds is now over for me, but there are plenty of mysteries still left to read about and watch.

2008.3.28 Friday

First Goals

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I’m sure I must have written some goals at some point, but I can’t remember them. Electrical work has been very slow lately which led to a second installment of a long meeting. Our boss had us write a list of goals for the future and I thought I would list some of them here:

  • Three year goals (January 2010)
    • Make $50,000 a year
    • Learn Spanish
    • Be a Journeyman electrician

Edit: Work hasn’t been slow lately, I just found this post in my drafts and couldn’t think of anything that needed to be added. For some reason, I thought it would post with the original date…silly me. It was written some time during the winter of ‘06-’07

2008.2.19 Tuesday

Rail Baron Variations

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My brother, Stevish and I have been thinking of rule variations for a fun, nostalgic and historical game called Rail Baron. It tends to be too long and some random chance and lack of close competition makes the end of the game more of a relief than a good time with family and friends. So, we’ve decided to change that and, so far, have only come up with multiplying all payoffs by 1.5 (My Dad’s suggestion). I like some of the variations I found on the internet, though and thought I’d list some below for my brother and others to peruse.

Stevish also just made a new improved and secure Rail Baron destinator php script to save lots of time getting destinations and payoffs. It’s available for anyone to use, so check it out!’s Rail Baron FAQ has some good common sense answers to rule questions, but some differ from supposed Tournament rulings at the Train Gamers Association website


2008.2.16 Saturday

Fresh View of Green

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I was just thinking recently, that I really like the design of this website: It’s simple, content focused, sized with ems (so the design grows with the text size), and it’s got a cool picture of grass.

2007.6.16 Saturday

More Green on Your Screen

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Are you anxious, depressed, tired of coming here and not getting the green you got in the past? Wondering where to find answers, meaning and pictures? Follow The Green Wire…. It may not be a mystical experience, but it will have more info, poems, stories and yes, pictures of Philip and Jamie. It may even get mystical some times…try it, you’ll get the green you’re looking for (for your screen, not your pocket).

That’s right, today is your lucky day! So why are you still reading this? Go to Philip and Jamie’s blog now. You’ll see the same erratic craziness and web design commentary you’re used to here, but now you’ll also receive Jamie’s wit, prose and get to see some color too (did I mention there are pictures?).

I’ll leave this blog here and may post from time to time, but don’t count on it.

2007.3.3 Saturday

Jury Duty

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My wife wrote a short story on her first jury duty experience:

It all started on a cold and blustery Thursday morning. The night before there had been a sudden, but fierce snowstorm which had made a mess of the streets in the sprawled out city of Colorado Springs. So bad that there were accidents all over town wrecking havoc on the morning commute.

Mrs. Jamie Mayor was due to be at the courthouse at 8:30am sharp to serve her civic duty as a potential Jury member. With her summons in hand and a small map to the courthouse with the roads she was to take to get there so lovingly highlighted in pink by her husband the night before, she grabbed her keys and settled into the driver’s seat of her 1995 Oldsmobile. Unfortunately, the morning had somehow slipped into fast forward and Jamie was late before she even put the key into the ignition. Cursing herself for not getting up earlier, she rolled down the driveway and into the muck, blissfully unaware of the dangers and traffic congestion that awaited her.

Taking her normal route to the interstate, it wasn’t long before Jamie realized that something was terribly wrong. A mile before the interstate entrance ramp, there began a string of immobile cars lined up like ants at a picnic. The frustrated drivers inside appeared to be focusing all their energy on mentally willing the cars in front of them to magically begin moving, or simply to disappear.

Glancing down at the digital clock on her dashboard, Jamie woefully closed her eyes and fought to keep the tension in her head from building to a boil. 8:15am. No way was she going to make it on time if she had to sit here all morning. Thinking furiously through her options, she snapped her right blinker on and maneuvered her car onto a side street silently hoping to use her knowledge of back streets to gain an advantage over her fellow commuters.


2007.1.31 Wednesday


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Many of you who know me know that I am obsessed with boot disks for many reasons which I will not go in to now. One reason is to have a customized environment wherever I go. The problem is it takes time to boot, runs slow and can’t be used on a computer on a network unless you have hacking skills, all that and the worst problem: boot disks are hard to customize and slow to test.

Thankfully, I found out about and my customized and open source environment is well on its way to being perfect. Right now, I’m at the library, running an extremely customized Firefox 2 and I can chat on Gaim FTP using FileZilla and have the whole suite as well as other programs at my disposal. The best part is it’s open source (that means free to you and me)!

Try it out yourself! You can download the applications individually, or start with one of their PortableApps Suites that includes Firefox and more with a handy launch menu and backup utility. Try it, you’ll like it….

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