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2004.10.20 Wednesday

FREE internet!

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Now that’s a four letter word that catches your attention, isn’t it?

I talked to the IT guy of the company that owns our apartment complex. He actually called me back and gave me the key to the apartment’s network! I set it up in the laundry room (closest room to the “business center”) and had a great signal. I rushed back to our apartment and quickly ate the food my wonderful wife Jamie prepared before heading off to cell group. Jamie stayed home because she wasn’t feeling well and called me up to tell me she was “online in the living room”. It’s not the best signal, but works quite well and free high speed internet is an awesome deal. Praise God!

I should update on the Motorola® network card. I tested it out at my parents’ house and it worked better than their linsys card on a linksys router! Now that I actually connected to the apartment’s website, I have a good signal there too. So, if you want a good card that’s $10 cheaper than the others, head over to Wal-Mart® and buy youself one. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the Starbuck’s thing. Jamie thought that they might intentionally make that a low signal so people have to come into the store (and buy something) to get a signal. That sounds like a good idea to me, so I guess that’s solved.

I won’t say much about our brief dabbling into “War Driving” which quickly felt wrong and proved to be illeagal. I would recommend you secure your network and read this article: Wireless Network Technology and the Art of “War” by: Kamil Z. Skawinski at

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