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2004.10.31 Sunday

Our New Cat!

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We just went to the Humane Society to get Jamie’s birthday present. There actually weren’t a whole lot of options, but we looked at several cats for a while. We saw one who had been there for a while a decided to meet her. After waiting for quite some time, we were able to visit her. She took to us right away and we knew we wanted her. They gave us another number for more waiting and we finally brought our new addition home. :) Now I’m not one of those “My pet is my child” people, but it’s nice to have an animal around.

Her name was Lizzy, but Jamie came up with the great idea to rename her Caviar (Cavi for short) because she is costing us a fortune in apartment fees, food, toys, litter, etc. She is about one year old and already had a litter that were all adopted. Caviar explored our small apartment thoroughly and made herself right at home. It’s nice to have a cat that’s so personable and we were like new parents when she finally used the litter box.

Jamie is quite happy as she has been waiting for quite some time to be able to have a cat again. All week she was saying, “A cat soon!” :) She is home with Caviar now as I finish up house-sitting. I have to be away from them both :( but may get to plow some snow tonight which I’m looking forward to with childish glee. That is a topic for another post, though.

Edit: You can see pictures of Caviar and more by going to our Photo Gallery.

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