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2004.11.24 Wednesday

Bountiful Harvest

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I guess it’s harvest time at work because yesterday three massive files came down which has made me busier than ever. I spent all day today copying one file. I guess file is not a good word for it because it conjures up images of a folder. This file took up three boxes and they wanted two copies. Hopefully I will be able to get everything done on time.

It wasn’t a bad day overall, though. I was in fairly good mood and made some good money for My Company which I’m sure they’ll enjoy.

Tomorrow I get to enjoy another bountiful harvest from the lovely fields of supermarket with my family. Jamie and I are going to my parents’ house for food, fun and festivities. Stephen is back from college for a few days and Andrew and Natalie will be paying a visit all the way from Illinois! I think I’ll miss opening Christmas presents on Thanksgiving like we did here last year.

God is good and I have a lot to be thankful for!

Edit 2004.12.01: I changed the name of my company to “My Company” in light of this article on Personal Blogs and The Workplace. I have taken care to hide the identity of “The Company” I work at, but it’s good to keep my employer anonymous for now.

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