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2004.12.8 Wednesday

Design of SimpleBits

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This is newsworthy seeing as I just posted a thanks to Dan Cederholm and his website, SimpleBits. He just implemented some great new design elements. He changed one thing I was so impressed with and made it better: The style switching icons on the right of the navigation bar:

Gone are the (rather pointless) color theme switcher buttons, replaced by a new default frosty blue. Instead of changing header colors, you can now toggle between a centered, fixed-width layout and a widescreen, fluid-width version. This was a bit tricky, in order to keep design elements in the header and sidebar consistent. I’ve used the “Sliding Faux Columns” approach (1, 2, 3) in achieving a flexible, yet full-length sidebar.

This is a very interesting update as it accomplishes exactly what I spent most of yesterday trying to do for the church website design. If you click on the “Liquid” button, you will see what I accomplished (I will be leaving that page static for viewing). I look forward to learning more from Dan’s design and the articles he referenced (in the quote above). In fact, his article on Faux Columns (which I forget to mention in my earlier post) was what got this whole design started and got me to his site in the first place.

Thanks for your timely update, Dan! [I just hope he doesn’t think I stole his idea.]

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