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2005.1.3 Monday

Consumered Out

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The past several days have been thick with heavy dreams, remnants of illness, lack of sleep, shopping and work. I used my “floating holiday” on Thursday to be unrelaxed and unproductive (a bad combination). Friday was full of working on our car, hanging out with my brother on his birthday and a party with some church friends. The kind of party full of fun games that give you the feeling of estrogen overdose, so I had to play some chess.

The four hours of sleep I had on New Year’s morning seemed great until I had to pull myself out of bed to head off to the REI garage sale. Jamie chickened out on me and was still not feeling well, so she stayed home. three hours of sitting in line was well worth it for the ten minutes of frenzied shopping. The guy at the front of the line had parked his truck on the sidewalk with a tent protruding and stocked with T.V. stereo DVD player, and who knows what else. I stayed for about two hours picking through scraps and ended up spending a bit more than the birthday money my parents had given me. I did get some great deals on shoes and gloves for Jamie and I.

I hadn’t had enough apparently and proceeded to have a car stereo installed while going out to lunch with friends, eating free burnt chicken, finding out the car wasn’t even started after two hours, getting a gift certificate after complaining, buying speakers, driving to the parents’, driving home, trying to install speakers, hanging out with friends who brought the lunch I had gotten for Jamie and left in their car, installing speakers, driving around with Jamie to test out speakers and stereo and crashing.

Sunday was spent recovering as usual.

I’m sick of stuff! With buying Christmas presents, getting Christmas presents, post Christmas shopping and playing with Christmas presents, I’ve about had it. I feel so superficial and lost in a product world where I’m the one being consumed. It must be the active role I’ve taken in all of it this year. I’m even mildly disgusted by the idea of birthday presents that will be coming to me soon. I know that some stuff is necessary, but I’ve about had an overdose.

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