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2005.1.17 Monday

Working Out Back

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Lately I have been spending time researching Content Management Software (CMS) that will help automate our website, thinking of the impending redesign, brainstorming on domain names and preparing for the content on our church’s website. I’m hesitant to to use a CMS, but think if I can find the right one, it will really enhance what I’m able to do with it and hopefully alleviate some of the need for software and having a laptop handy. There may be some big changes soon! So far, it’s just ideas and some minor hacking on the back-end, but real work should begin in earnest soon.

I was going to try to use WordPress for the whole site, but it will take much more hacking than I’m prepared for to extend it to be what I need. Etomite is a light CMS that I’m looking at now in conjunction with WordPress. It’s exciting because as one user said, “…it’s really a CONTENT management system not COMMUNITY management system”*! I was about to give up the search and just go old school because I didn’t want some “hax0r community” site (as good as those can be). We’ll see if it works out after some testing.

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