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2005.2.3 Thursday

Writing Weirdness: Spam

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Why do I consistently capitalize all letters in the word spam? I think maybe I wrote it that way for emphasis a few times. My brain went into gear and said “spam must be capitalized!” When I questioned it, I just figured it was an acronym (don’t ask me for what). There’s the brain doing weird things. It doesn’t make sense, so I won’t do it anymore.

That does bring up another question, though: Why doesn’t weird follow the rules (i.e. “I before E except after C and when sounds like A as in neighbor and weigh” [punny])? That’s bad enough as it is, but weird just has to be…weird.

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  1. Perhaps you are getting confused with the Specially Processed American Meat that was the food product a few years back!

    Comment by Nancy — 2005.2.4 Friday @ 3.17 pm

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