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2005.2.16 Wednesday

Return of the Green Cite

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It’s time again for that award ceremony that touches your heart and tickles your knees. The award that plucks a blog from obscurity (or even fame) to…even more obscurity! Yes, it’s the not-so-famous-but-still-really-cool- because-it-wisely-uses-the- best-color-ever Green Cite. Bloggers the world over unknowingly compete for this honor and it’s time to bestow the second virtual trophy of wise color usage.

Once again, without further ado (except of course for the obligatory parenthesis to annoy the reader, belabor the point and work up suspense…again), I announce the winner: Ourgreenroom, “an interactive community of spiritual seekers”! Congratulations, Chris!

Ourgreenroom led me to Real Live Preacher who led me to the next nominee for the illustrious Green Cite…which you will have to wait for, of course.

Brought to you by Mr. Green. All contestants will receive “really cool points” just for qualifying. Stay tuned for more wonderful greenery right here on The Naked Green.


  1. Hey Mr. Green! Thanks for the kudos and the award! By the way, I like the new layout! Thanks again for the comments! Peace!

    Comment by chris — 2005.2.17 Thursday @ 11.09 am

  2. Hulk think he might qualify as green?!? ;-)

    Comment by The Incredible HULK — 2005.2.27 Sunday @ 12.47 pm

  3. The Hulk will be added as a nominee for the awards. I remember watching him as a young kid.

    Comment by Mr. Green — 2005.2.28 Monday @ 7.08 pm

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