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2005.5.2 Monday

Satanic Verses

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I just finished reading Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie. Rushdie’s writing is quite different and hard-to-follow at times. It is certainly well done, though. I must admit that my head was spinning and dreaming along with Gibreel and Saladin. I was captivated after the first section of the book in that must-get-back-to-sleep-to-finish-the-dream sort of way. It’s mezmerizing, thought provoking and insane which are great components of writing in my opinion.

The only problem is that I come away with not much. The dream has ended and it lingers in that morning melencholy, but fades quickly. That and my aversion to the work and tearing-apart which is “book review” leads me to talk of the experience of reading with no real explainations.

A friend of mine dogged me about reading the book for a while, which I ignored fairly well until he gave it for a birthday present. It was harder to ignore then, but I still avoided it. Couldn’t get rid of a gift book and couldn’t read it. It was the name that got to me as you may imagine. After reading, though, I say “thank you” to my friend for the gift. It’s hardly a read for children or those needing no encouragement toward immorality. Language, sex, blasphemy and I digress.

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  1. hats off to someone brave enough to hold in his head both the traditional evangelical christian worldview (and all of its trappings) and rushdie’s *verses*. you are of a rare breed, mr. green.

    i came across your site following a buncha random links (don’t know the path now, maybe through wordpress’s main site, maybe from stevish?) and was a little turned off by the hyper-christian tone (but not the color–i love green!). as a frame of reference, i’m apostate, and now agnostic, after 25 years of christian fundamentalism. but really, what’s that to you?

    now that i’ve read your posts showing openmindedness and traditionalism, i’m at a loss to describe or typify you.

    keep up the good work! you’re okay in my book.

    Comment by lefty mcfadden — 2005.9.28 Wednesday @ 11.20 pm

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