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2005.5.9 Monday

Upgrading The Green

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I finally upgraded to Wordpress 1.5 with little trouble! It didn’t take long to get it running and move my theme over. It’s strange to see the same old blog staring at me from a whole new backend.

Wouldn’t you know it? The day I decide to upgrade, Wordpress 1.5.1 comes out! Two upgrades in one night, that’s pretty good!

I’ll need to add plugins and probably tweak the design a little, but for now I’m up and running again in style.

Update 2005.05.10: Podz has started a support forum post to help people upgrade from 1.5 to 1.5.1.


  1. I had to click on “Update Permalink Structure” to bring back my posts and RSS feeds.

    Comment by Mr. Green — 2005.5.9 Monday @ 9.26 pm

  2. Hey,
    Happened by your site as saw your trackback to the WP 1.5.1 update announcement. Best of luck with the home loans. We’re about to be in a similar situation down here in New Zealand—buying a house, that is, not getting mucked around regarding loans I hope!

    Thought you might want to know that it seems the permalinks being sent by your trackback are not set up correctly, as the link back failed. Try following your link to the 1.5.1 page in your entry, scrolling down to your trackback, and clicking back to your own site, and you’ll see what I mean!

    Comment by Duncan Babbage — 2005.5.22 Sunday @ 12.31 am

  3. Thanks for the info, Duncan!For some reason my .htaccess file with multiple permalink structures was overwritten by what is now the default structure. I’m not sure how it happened, but will have to keep my eye on it, I guess.

    Good luck moving also!

    Comment by Mr. Green — 2005.5.22 Sunday @ 2.08 pm

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