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2007.3.3 Saturday

Jury Duty

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My wife wrote a short story on her first jury duty experience:

It all started on a cold and blustery Thursday morning. The night before there had been a sudden, but fierce snowstorm which had made a mess of the streets in the sprawled out city of Colorado Springs. So bad that there were accidents all over town wrecking havoc on the morning commute.

Mrs. Jamie Mayor was due to be at the courthouse at 8:30am sharp to serve her civic duty as a potential Jury member. With her summons in hand and a small map to the courthouse with the roads she was to take to get there so lovingly highlighted in pink by her husband the night before, she grabbed her keys and settled into the driver’s seat of her 1995 Oldsmobile. Unfortunately, the morning had somehow slipped into fast forward and Jamie was late before she even put the key into the ignition. Cursing herself for not getting up earlier, she rolled down the driveway and into the muck, blissfully unaware of the dangers and traffic congestion that awaited her.

Taking her normal route to the interstate, it wasn’t long before Jamie realized that something was terribly wrong. A mile before the interstate entrance ramp, there began a string of immobile cars lined up like ants at a picnic. The frustrated drivers inside appeared to be focusing all their energy on mentally willing the cars in front of them to magically begin moving, or simply to disappear.

Glancing down at the digital clock on her dashboard, Jamie woefully closed her eyes and fought to keep the tension in her head from building to a boil. 8:15am. No way was she going to make it on time if she had to sit here all morning. Thinking furiously through her options, she snapped her right blinker on and maneuvered her car onto a side street silently hoping to use her knowledge of back streets to gain an advantage over her fellow commuters.