The Naked Green

2008.2.19 Tuesday

Rail Baron Variations

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My brother, Stevish and I have been thinking of rule variations for a fun, nostalgic and historical game called Rail Baron. It tends to be too long and some random chance and lack of close competition makes the end of the game more of a relief than a good time with family and friends. So, we’ve decided to change that and, so far, have only come up with multiplying all payoffs by 1.5 (My Dad’s suggestion). I like some of the variations I found on the internet, though and thought I’d list some below for my brother and others to peruse.

Stevish also just made a new improved and secure Rail Baron destinator php script to save lots of time getting destinations and payoffs. It’s available for anyone to use, so check it out!’s Rail Baron FAQ has some good common sense answers to rule questions, but some differ from supposed Tournament rulings at the Train Gamers Association website


2008.2.16 Saturday

Fresh View of Green

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I was just thinking recently, that I really like the design of this website: It’s simple, content focused, sized with ems (so the design grows with the text size), and it’s got a cool picture of grass.