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2004.12.7 Tuesday

Hacking on the Church

Filed under: Web Design — Mr. Green @ 4.33 pm

I’ve been spending most of my free time working on the re-design of our church website. It has been an interesting adventure and I have learned a lot about CSS and cross-browser hacking. I have finally fished a prototype of the website design (the page was mainly used to show the church leadership).

I would like to thank all these websites and the people involved in them for all their great resources and help without which, I would still be playing in boxes:

I will be polishing up the design and making the site conform to it hopefully by the end of this week. There is still a lot of content to get up and things to work out. I said re-design and that all the old site had…a design (a bad one at that) that I made some time back. Now we’re actually going to put up a website!

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