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2007.1.31 Wednesday


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Many of you who know me know that I am obsessed with boot disks for many reasons which I will not go in to now. One reason is to have a customized environment wherever I go. The problem is it takes time to boot, runs slow and can’t be used on a computer on a network unless you have hacking skills, all that and the worst problem: boot disks are hard to customize and slow to test.

Thankfully, I found out about and my customized and open source environment is well on its way to being perfect. Right now, I’m at the library, running an extremely customized Firefox 2 and I can chat on Gaim FTP using FileZilla and have the whole suite as well as other programs at my disposal. The best part is it’s open source (that means free to you and me)!

Try it out yourself! You can download the applications individually, or start with one of their PortableApps Suites that includes Firefox and more with a handy launch menu and backup utility. Try it, you’ll like it….

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