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2007.6.16 Saturday

More Green on Your Screen

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Are you anxious, depressed, tired of coming here and not getting the green you got in the past? Wondering where to find answers, meaning and pictures? Follow The Green Wire…. It may not be a mystical experience, but it will have more info, poems, stories and yes, pictures of Philip and Jamie. It may even get mystical some times…try it, you’ll get the green you’re looking for (for your screen, not your pocket).

That’s right, today is your lucky day! So why are you still reading this? Go to Philip and Jamie’s blog now. You’ll see the same erratic craziness and web design commentary you’re used to here, but now you’ll also receive Jamie’s wit, prose and get to see some color too (did I mention there are pictures?).

I’ll leave this blog here and may post from time to time, but don’t count on it.

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  1. So much for posting all kinds of stuff on, huh? So, I’ve left the family news up to Jamie. I don’t get on the internet much and when I do, I’m busy with stuff. I’m just not as passionate about web design and such, so there you go.

    Comment by Mr. Green — 2008.1.8 Tuesday @ 2.41 pm

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