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2004.12.2 Thursday

Ukraine pulls my head out…

Colored in: — Mr. Green @ 4.30 pm

I am very interested in this Ukrainian election and protest. It is probably due to wife and I recently returning from doing our DTS, which spent one month in Russia. I loved it there even though it was a difficult and oppressive environment. The Russian people have big hearts and I now have a heart for them.

I have been following reports primarily from Jennifer’s Blog who is and American living and teaching in Western Ukraine. Just today, I followed a link from The Politburo Diktat to The Orange Revolution, an article by Time Magazine.

I have never had much use for news, but this news has brought my usually entrenched head out of the sand as far as political affairs. I have not read enough to even make a semi-intelligent comment, but wanted to state my interest in the matter.

To follow this interest, I have looked up a few blogs from Ukraine in English:

I’m sure there are many more good blogs and websites, but my poor little head is hurting from all this news. After quite a while of searching, I can’t find a blog in support of Yanukovych. So much for being balanced. If you know of any other good links (preferably blogs from Ukrainians), put them in a comment.

First SPAM

Colored in: — Mr. Green @ 10.55 am

I got my first SPAM comment (in triplicate) the other day! Isn’t that important? Isn’t that some sort of milestone for a blog? Thanks to WordPress, they didn’t get posted but are awaiting my approval. I guess that could get annoying too, but it’s not too hard to delete the lot of SPAM comments in one fell swoop and I don’t have to worry about doing it quickly because they don’t appear on my site. I may just let this one slide though (only one copy), because hey, it IS a milestone of some sort.

Now, thanks to Electric Kate, I know how to fight back with Lycos’ SPAM attacking screensaver. © 2023