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2005.8.11 Thursday

Makinac Island

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Yesterday, Jamie’s parents took us at their own expense to Mackinac island. It’s a place with lots of history and peculiar in its ban of vehicles. That’s right, the majority of travel on the island is done by bikes and horse drawn carriages. It has many beautiful homes including the governors summer mansion and a historical fort the British built during the revolution.

Thanks to our parents’ generosity, we were able to experience a catamaran ferry ride, a horse drawn carriage tour topped with ice cream! Jamie and I even rode a tandem bike and, along with Jessica, we rode the eight miles around the island. I couldn’t help slipping into the cool, clear water half way around the island which made for some strange looks as I rode into the downtown section in my dripping underwear! Back in Mackinaw City, we had to have a family supper of delicious Pasties before heading home to sleep.

Vacation, Part II

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My plan to make a daily documentation of this vacation has not worked out so well and was quickly discarded after arriving at family camp. One thing was that I was so busy, I didn’t have much time and two, what we were doing didn’t seem so exciting in the explaining. We played lots of great volleyball games, some cards, several family meals and events, lots of good discussion, a variety show, lots of carb ingestion and I built a raft with my brothers. I guess I don’t have quite the energy or skills that my brother Stevish has, so I left the storytelling up to him.

One clear message throughout the week of “Family Camp” for me went beyond fun and games. In all the fun was fellowship. Good, old fashioned Christian love and unity. In the unity was a clear picture of God’s gracious blessing and faithfulness. All of my grandparents’ family (including a brother), which brought us to 52 people not only were able to make it to Family Camp, but they all profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour! God is good and we were overwhelmed by the reality of His goodness as we spent time together and worshiped Him.

I am now in Michigan with Jamie’s parents and sister who was able to attend Family Camp with us. I have just finished the book my Dad gave me, an autobiography by Chinese Christian Brother Yun with Paul Hattaway, The Heavenly Man. In this book, I also saw the goodness of Jesus and His mercy even though Brother Yun and many other Christians experienced intense suffering and persecution. He teaches hard and important lessons of suffering, discipline and Biblical study as a part of the Christian life which has convicted and encouraged me. Yun describes his struggles, temptations and even disobedience showing even more that Jesus is gracious and loving in using us as His vessels.

Praise God!

2005.7.30 Saturday

Day One of 2005 Vacation

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This was drivig day to get the parents, two brothers, Jamie and I to the hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. We have set up a base of operations to rendevous with Stephen and Jessica. Yes, that means eight people in one room! Tomorrow, it’s hotel breakfast and on to Roach, MO to begin “Family Camp”.

On the way, we listened to Terminal Man, by: Michael Crichton. It was a annoyingly predictable book that did produce some interesting thought patterns. The ending certainly left plenty to be desired, but it was an enjoyable book.