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2005.1.4 Tuesday

FREE Linspire download!

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I don’t know how long this will last, but Daniel Glazman tipped his readers off to a free download of Linspiretm. Linspire is a version of Linux that is not aimed at geeks. There are several good versions that are made for the average desktop user, but this has a different slant. Linspire (formerly Lindows) attempts to make a version of Linux specifically for the Windows® user.

Typically for Lindows and one month of CNR (their software installer), it would cost $64.95, so this may be a deal you want in on. I’m looking forward to trying it myself once I get home to download it.

2005.1.3 Monday

Consumered Out

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The past several days have been thick with heavy dreams, remnants of illness, lack of sleep, shopping and work. I used my “floating holiday” on Thursday to be unrelaxed and unproductive (a bad combination). Friday was full of working on our car, hanging out with my brother on his birthday and a party with some church friends. The kind of party full of fun games that give you the feeling of estrogen overdose, so I had to play some chess.

The four hours of sleep I had on New Year’s morning seemed great until I had to pull myself out of bed to head off to the REI garage sale. (more…)

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